Crisp leaves, muddy boots, fresh air - time to venture out to appreciate what's on your doorstep. Even if you live in the city, on our little green island you are never too far away from the leafy corners and windswept beaches of escapism. On the pitiful balance of a student's bank account and coursework-crammed diary, bigger travel plans shall have to wait till the summer months - for now stomping up the local common to check out the storm damage or taking my camera along to capture this beautiful, transitional season shall suffice. Hopefully the chilling winds that seem to be here to stay will whip up some winter swell to give me an excuse to journey off down West to catch a few waves. 


GIF Wednesday

Happy GIF Wednesday! This week I am looking back at the sunny month of August and its adventures as the chill begins to creep it - well it is October...This is comprised of pictures from this summer's last surf...we just have to sit tight and wait patiently for the winter swell now!