Happy Friday! {Travel video fun}

Some travel inspiration to ensure y'all a cheery weekend; just a bit of relief for everyone suffering from end-of-the-week-itis who likes dancing, travelling or just anything that's down right fun {thanks to "Where the hell is Matt?!".}So go forth and procrastinate on the internet...well it is Friday after all!

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Thoughts on // Immigration

With the recent opening of British borders to Romanian and Bulgarian workers, there has been much media attention to the so called 'issues' of immigration and a desperate fear of a sudden influx of job-snatching Eastern Europeans flooding our borders. In reality this is of course a far fetched outcome and here the Daily Telegraph even admit to the lack of immigrants that have arrived at UK borders since the new regulations have been put in place. The whole nation seems to be in denial of the blindingly obvious positive impact immigration has already had on our country. Of course it is always easier to have someone else to blame for your own misery, but the fact of the matter is immigrants from Eastern Europe are not to blame for Britain's economic and unemployment issues.

People are quick to point the finger and accuse these migrants of taking "our" jobs. Yet sometimes workers come and set up their own businesses creating more jobs, and sometimes they do the jobs we don't want to do, or ones that allow our economy to run more efficiently. Ultimately in a nation of declining population, immigrants strengthen the UK workforce. It's not one for one, sometimes one equals three new jobs plus tax revenue. And sometimes it doesn't, but Britain is a multi-cultural nation whose population need to wake up and be proud of this fact. Economics aside, we should be grateful that we have generations growing up in a place where acceptance is a skill we can all learn, as well as being able to learn from each other. Different should not be a word we are afraid of.
Me & Mum
My own life has given me strong feelings about immigration; my mum originally comes from Munich in Germany, and having this as part of me is something I am extremely proud of. When I hear people condemning these "goddamn immigrants taking our jobs and benefits" I feel angry at this ignorance our society breeds. My mum has not come over to England to just "scrounge off the state", and has instead worked, created a businesses, a family and a loving environment in which me and my brother could grow up in. As an immigrant and a part of multi-cultural Britain, she has in my opinion given back just as much as any other citizen, and in some cases perhaps even more.

This beautiful video of spoken word by Hollie McNish really sums up the positive reality of immigration.


Throwback [1st Glasto]

 Glastonbury Scans [2007]

Just a few hazy scans. It's funny which things you remember as you grow up; which muddy fields, which rainbow hat, which scrawled campaign posters cable-tied to the edge of what feels like the world - and perhaps it is for one magical week.

First-time Glastonbury goer aged 12 and as proud as punch, clad in wellies and hand-me-down rain jacket. I remember this buzz and energy that I had never seen before, the constant hum of distant stages, market traders and excited people. Watching Corinne Bailey Rae in a fold up chair as my little brother fell asleep. Writing postcards to my friends and feeling like you really were in some place far away from home. Crying when we had to go because I couldn't bear the thought of leaving. I felt like Alice and I had found my wonderland. 

In time you look back at hasty pictures captured on a wind-up contraption, filed away in garish photo albums and you realise that these are the things that have become precious. These are the memories that are better than anything money can ever buy.


Transition and Reflection

When I sat down to write this post I didn't really know where to start. I wanted to write something to celebrate Christmas and New Year, but I wanted to do it without brandishing pictures of candy canes and roast dinners and without endless lists of tiresome resolutions promising to blog every Monday and Thursday before dawn standing on my head drinking peppermint tea. I felt a need to share something asides from over-commercialized trivialities and over-indulgence, and so I present to you photographic evidence of a much needed break and some ramblings on reflection - enjoy:

London #1
Such a poser...
We reached Big Ben at exactly 12 which was most exciting!

I couldn't resist one picture of the tree in all its grandeur!
Boxing Day at Witley Common:

It almost looked like the photos were taken in midsummer

The gap between Christmas and New Year is always a bit of an awkward week of transition, gluttony and lie-ins. However this year I made a conscious effort to use this time more wisely by reflecting and re-organising things before 2014 crept up to surprise us. I wanted to be the best prepared version of myself I could be to face the trials and troubles alongside the excitement and adventures that are sure to come with what is already set to be a mind-blowingly busy year (as if I didn't say that last year...) 

In terms of resolutions, I have set myself instead a more sort of guideline or ideal to live by: less rubbish. That means buy less rubbish - no more wasting money on unethical, unnecessary commercialised stuff. It not only wastes wonga but wastes the planet by encouraging MNCs (multi-national corporations) to continue over-producing low-cost, high volume goods at the cost of natural and human resources. It also incorporates eating less rubbish - make more of fresh and in season food which is better for me and the planet, whilst honing my cooking skills before I fly the nest to fend for myself alone at university! Lastly, I shall aim to be less rubbish - more time focusing on me and how I can achieve to the best on my ability, instead of wasting time on comparisons and self-depreciation. 

London #2

The most incredible book and map stall.

Playing with reflections and silhouettes.

Tate Modern
The most lively buskers of the day! (The occasion was of course honored with a dance.)

So that's it! I hope your 2014 exceeds even you highest hopes and is crammed full of adventure, explorations and inspiration.