In the Capital - Shoreditch

Destination: The Aubin Cinema, Brick Lane & Pizza East

London is one of my favourite cities. It's a diverse, colourful and vibrant place where you can do...well absolutely anything! As cliche as it sounds, there is undoubtedly something there for everyone. A wonderful capital that makes me proud to be British. Recently I have had a chance to explore the area of Shoreditch - somewhere I have not previously had the opportunity to investigate. So here goes with a teeny tiny snapshot into my adventure...

A bit of tourist tripping down Brick Lane... a really great place to find anything vintage or edgy. I managed to sweep up a few bargains in the form of a classic black fedora and a 1950's brush stroke print shirt.
This place is absolutely amazing! Think all the positives of film watching at home and trips to the cinema rolled into one beautiful and ingenious creation that is the Aubin Cinema. We went to see the incredible Life of Pi and were most impressed by the cosy armchairs and blankets as a replacement for the bog standard cinema chair! The cinema only fits about 20 people and the tickets are a smidgen pricey but it is definitely worth it if your after a treat.
Lychee mocktail anyone?!

Some of the graffiti around the town is just incredible. I actually find  it quite beautiful, despite the negative connotations this form of street art has.
Famished, we trooped into the first thing we came across...which thankfully turned out to be a rather good choice! Think fresh, fast and friendly. The atmosphere was buzzing, the food delicious and the setting intriguingly rustic. We definitely had hit on one of Shoreditch's places to be.

What's your favourite area of London?


  1. I love London, haven't been in years. I love the west end xx


    1. Me too! Musicals are one of my fave treats XO

  2. my favourite place in london is oxford street/circus-went there on monday!
    love your blog-new follower!

    1. Ah nice! I love going there too! And thank you, will check out your link also :)

  3. I really want to go to London one day! Maybe this year?!? ;)
    Can you suggest me some good places to visit in London?

    Check out my blog
    - xo Supernat

    1. Definitely visit! Oh anywhere, definitey check out Portobello road or Camden market, hyde a park and covent garden, to name a few highlights XO


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