GIF Wednesday

Hello there,
This weeks GIF entailed a lot of precarious globe turning and camera balancing, but here it is; my spinning globe GIF...
Spinning globe
My globe is one of my favourite things in my cluttered and colourful room (I confess, I am perhaps what you would call a hoarder...) and I could spend hours studying and spinning, making wild and worldly plans that I one day hope to carry out. This particular globe is really almost a 'vintage' item and I love trying to find all the countries which have been renamed.


  1. It reminds me in my grade school days, where all classrooms has this. Same as yours I love to look at the places, imagine the distance and plan my exploration. senyoritalakwachera.com

    1. Aha we don't get that nowadays, too much technology in my opinion. XO

  2. Goodness, I love this so much. Best homemade GIF I have seen in months. Great job, this is absolutely perfect.

    Have a lovely day as well! xo


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