Everest '53

This is a slightly belated post to commemorate the life of George Lowe, the last surviving member of the 1953 Everest expedition who passed away aged 89 last Wednesday. A climber not as well known as Edmund Hillary or Tenzing Norgay, yet a one who played a vital role in the first successful ascent of Everest through his support and determination in helping his fellow climbers, ferrying up gear and helping his friends descend from top camp. The New Zealander also partook in expeditions to other Himalayan peaks such as Cho Oyu as well as participating in the first successful overland crossing of Antarctica (1955 - 1958).
Unfortunately Lowe's death came on the eve of the publication of his book (which I shall definitely be investing in) and weeks before the 1953 summit's anniversary, however George's wife Mary is in support of the book's release and feels it is important to share his words. I for one admire this courageous man and am sad that one of our times greatest explorers has been lost.
Carry on adventure-seeking!


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