Life update and an inspiring brand discovery!

Hello everyone!

Well it looks like Britain has finally got round to getting some sunshine in and just in time for an epic Glastonbury and Wimbledon! As per usual, life has taken on a whirlwind characteristic hence my blog is seeming a little sparse at the moment but college finishes next week and so I will have plenty of time to catch up!

Life has been pretty good these past few weeks with two beautiful festivals one after the other (Glastonbury and Blissfields) in glorious sunshine. In the collage below is a picture of me and my mum at Ben Howard (glasto) and also me with my dread that I have finally managed to acquire(Blissfields)! Also below photos of busy open days in Cornwall, crazy friends and mojito o clock!

Now back to the serious stuff - what caused me to write this post. I was reading an article the other day and stumbled across this brand name:
A little research revealed that this flip flop company was set up by two brothers orphaned in the 2004 boxing day tsunami and were motivated by their unique and wonderful, travel-rich up bringing to create an ethical brand that could give something back to the world and are using profits to set up children's homes. The designs are colourful, simple and summery - I cannot wait to save up and get my hands on a pair! (Which I will definitely review on here.) I recommend you read more here as the story behind the flip flop is truly inspirational and touching.

Well that's it for now, I shall be back with more reviews, gap year ideas, summer festival write ups and some more India installments (honest!) asap...

I'd love to hear about your summer so far, let me know your exciting adventures in the comments!

Enjoy the summer sun and keep exploring,

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