India #3 [Munnar and Palolem]

This is finally the final instalment of my trip to India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The second half of the trip was quite manic so I have chose a few moments that really stand out for me personally.

1) Staying in a remote camp in the mountains from where we explored the tea plantations and conquered an extremely arduous but rewarding jungle trek through the national park area. We stopped by at cardamom plantations and even a tribal school for some gratefully received sweet tea. However most off putting that our park ranger-come-guide bound ahead effortlessly clad in woolly jumper and flip flops!

Us and the lovely staff from the mountain camp who proved themselves as top card game competition!
2) A visit to a home-stay close to Munnar - the most wonderful family! A very welcoming place worth a visit if you're ever in town, not to mention the excellent home cooking! We also enjoyed the slower pace and cooler climate of mountain life, sloping around the bustly town and local gardens.

3) Getting blessed by an elephant in an unplanned temple visit on a stop over in Coimbatore. Unfortunately I have no pictures from inside but unexpected memories are definitely the best! All of the locals visiting the temple were not at all put off by the arrival of our four white (/slightly reddish) faces gawping at the impressive Hindu deities and beautiful expressions of faith. As we sat peacefully, taking in the scene one man even explained to me how our being there on that day was something sent by God to be thankful of! Their acceptance and kindness was truly humbling to observe.

4) And finally having a well earned rest in the serene Palolem beach huts in Goa.

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