An Open Letter // Why is my syllabus so white?

An open letter to all lecturers, principals, prime ministers, programme conveners and education ministers...
Why is my syllabus so white? And not only white, but nigh on exclusively male?
I can't comprehend how you have failed to neglect such a large proportion of the global demographic, instead choosing only to teach works from white men with privileged upbringings. Has no woman, Chinese, transgender, working class, African or homosexual person ever written an academic source worthy of teaching? For this is  the sentiment your current syllabus exudes and I implore you to think about the impact this is having on the future generations of our world.
I can't help but feel my heart sink, when I walk past the "Women's representation display" outside my lecture theatre, showing only a row of white faces to look back at me. And, as I look at my module options for next year, note the high percentage of white male lectures - a contradiction as I come to university, taking modules in Geography, Literature and Film, desperately trying to grasp as many perspectives on the world as I can, yet being limited by those in charge to do so. Alas, no wonder that so many students cannot recognise their own white privilege, when we are only shown the world through the same eyes.
Disregarding the importance of diversity breeds naivety and segregation, rather than the understanding and acceptance our world craves. Please help make the concept of a diverse and equal world a more tangible reality.
Yours sincerely,
A very bemused student. 
From my perspective - KCL.

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