Berlin Birthday

After whizzing through Berlin last Summer whilst interrailing I decided it was probably my most favourite city in the World. Last month I spent my 20th Birthday there and that changed to most definitely.
Birthday's are good things at the best of times, so to spend one in my favourite city with some of my favourite humans was basically the greatest idea ever.
It was a good kind of day filled with brunching, baklava and bumbling. The baklava was owing to our first stop after a lazy brunch, as we set out to the Turkish market, diving between stalls to admire ripe, round produce and escape the drizzle.

The 'Buchstabenmuseum' was echt cool - essentially 3 rooms filled wall to ceiling with old neon signs to celebrate the art work in sign making and typography. It's only open till November so if you are around I recommend you to pop in!
Dinner outside just about made possible by the delicious bowls of Pho we devoured. A side of people watching and time to make plans of just when exactly we can just move right away to Berlin, please.
Oh yeah and don't ask about the pumpkin..
** photographs of me taken by my pal Edie. 

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