This heart of mine...

This photo was found and sent to be by my lovely friend and it really made my day (it's always nice to know someone thought of you) so this is why I decided to share it with you all! Not only was the globe beautiful (just a slight obsession...) but the message really made me smile because I know exactly how whoever created this feels. It was just a nice reminder in this dreary work-filled October that as a travel-bugged-blogger, exploring the world will forever be in my heart, even when it is not at the forefront of my mind.


  1. hey you - thats your profile picture! on my blog i think its if you hover over the right hand side and there should be subscribe button?!? Ella managed it...ask her? xoxo

  2. Cheeky me! I did it I did it! You called it cats dogs and frogs I think XXX


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